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Aviation Facilities


Sydney Metro Airport Camden is served by four runways, two for powered fixed wing aircraft and two for gliders. The following table summarises the physical characteristics of each runway.

Runway 06/24 has a sealed asphalt surface and is the main runway for aircraft movements at the Airport. In the 24 direction the threshold is displaced 429 metres.

The runway is reserved for powered fixed wing aircraft and meets Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 139 standards for a Reference Code 2 runway.

Runway 10/28 is a grass surface crosswind runway. It is principally used when crosswinds exceed 20 knots, the crosswind capacity of the aircraft or the capabilities of the pilot. The runway is reserved for powered fixed wing aircraft and can only be used during daylight hours under visual conditions.

There are two grass surface runways at Camden reserved for glider operations. One runway parallels the paved Runway 06/24, while the other parallels the crosswind Runway 10/28.

The glider Runway 06/24 has a crushed sandstone base making the runway suitable for all-weather operations. The glider runways are located to the south of the crosswind runway.

None of the runways are equipped with landing aids but an illuminated wind indicator is provided. There is a designated helicopter landing site with a grass surface to the north of Runway 06/24.

Further details can be obtained in the Enroute Supplement published by Airservices Australia.

Taxiways & Aprons

The supporting taxiway and apron network is capable of accommodating aircraft to 5.7 tonnes MTOW.


Runway 06/24 has three stage low intensity runway edge lights.

Air Traffic Control

Sydney Metro Airport Camden has it own dedicated Air Traffic Control Tower, operated by Airservices Australia, and uses Class 'D' airspace procedures. The operating hours for the tower are published in the Enroute Supplement.


A Non Directional Beacon is located at the airport with the frequency detailed in the Enroute Supplement.


There are currently three main aircraft refuelling companies operating at the airport BP, Mobil and Shell. Contact details can be obtained using the search facility on the website.


While there are areas dedicated for parking the airport currently does not charge for vehicle parking. All vehicles parked on airport property do so at the owners risk.

Ground Transportation

Arriving passengers can arrange for taxi pick up at the airport from Camden Taxis (02) 46 252922.