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Our Vision for Australia's Premier Sport Airport

Sydney Metro Airport Camden's vision is driven by the need to generate value for shareholders by meeting the reasonable expectations of current and future users of the Airport, other stakeholders and the broader community.

The Vision Statement adopted by Sydney Metro Airport Camden is


To meet the current and future general aviation needs of Sydney and develop the aviation and property assets to maintain maximum sustainable value.


Camden Airport recognises that to deliver this vision, effective master planning, catering for aviation growth and, where possible, non-aviation property development is critical.


In achieving our vision for Sydney Metro Airport Camden, we will also communicate the role the airport plays in the Camden landscape and as a contributor to the local economy resulting from the commercial activities at the Airport.


Our key objectives for the future development of Sydney Metro Airport Camden are to:

  • provide a safe environment for all users including commercial operators, employees, recreational users and members of the public
  • incorporate high standards of environmental sustainability and social responsibility in all development
  • provide a level of security across the airport in line with government requirements
  • ensure the efficient use of the existing aviation infrastructure
  • facilitate the growth of aviation activity
  • optimise sustainable value through the development of land surplus to aviation activity
  • develop, within the planning framework, appropriate flexibility so that Camden Airport Limited can grow and develop to reflect potential changes in aviation and non-aviation customer needs
  • develop a process for ongoing communication with stakeholders and the wider community on all aspects of airport operations.

Sydney Metro Airport Camden is a General Aviation airport, hosting small aircraft operations in the commercial, private, sports and recreational aviation areas. It has a reputation as Australia’s leading sports/recreational aviation airport.