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Safety & Security

Airport Safety

Bankstown Airport Limited works in partnership with the Airport Stakeholders to enhance Aviation Safety, in particular to identify risks associated with airside activities, and to support the effective implementation of a holistic Aviation Safety outcome.

This is predominately achieved through the Bankstown Airport Safety Management Committee (BASMC) which is made up from aviation stakeholder’s and has a mission to shape and implement a safety culture throughout the airport.
In support of the BASCM, Bankstown Airport Limited has developed several safety oriented procedures, rules and guidelines to help the airport achieve the highest levels of standard with the context of the airport environment.

These include:
  • Bankstown Airport Safety Management System
  • Aviation assessment of all Development Applications
  • Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (SSA staff)
  • Airport Emergency Procedures
  • Wildlife Management Plan
  • Independent annual Airfield Technical Inspections
  • Independent annual Airport Lighting Audits
  • Annual survey of all critical surfaces
  • Rules for Driving Airside
  • Registration standards for Airside vehicles
  • Fuel Spill procedures
  • Engine ground running guidelines
  • Hazard Reporting Form 
  • Wildlife/Bird Strike Reporting Form
These systems are the core safety requirements which are supported by a raft of internal procedures all of which support the Sydney Metro Airports approach to safety.