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Safety & Security

Airport Security

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is a Security Controlled Airport and is regulated and audited by the Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development.


Our Airport Reporting Officers conduct routine patrols on airside operating areas.

The NSW Police Airwing is located at the airport and maintains a full time presence with specialist officers, support staff, helicopters and light aircraft.  In addition there are multiple Commonwealth Departments and agencies, including the Office of Transport Security, that carry out regular exercises and site visits. 

We also have a very alert and aware airport community – with over 3,000 people employed directly and indirectly, that is 6,000 eyes all helping to keep the airport safe and secure.


Access to airside operating areas at Sydney Metro Airports can only be obtained for business, or operational reasons.


Please contact the Bankstown Airport Management Centre for details on airside access on  (02) 9796 2300 .


Airport users and tenants are responsible for ensuring that their property and buildings have adequate security to prevent break-ins and theft. In the case of an emergency or where a crime is in progress the NSW Police should be contacted on "000".


If you have access to our perimeter gate system, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to ensure gates are closed and secure after use.



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