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Operational Environment Management Plan

Operational Environment Management Plan

An Operational Environment Management Plan (OEMP) is a ‘living’ document that identifies the environmental risks (and legal obligations) associated with the day to day operations of a business and specifies the management measures the Operator will implement in order to prevent or minimise the environmental impacts associated with these operations.

Operators at Sydney Metro Airports are assessed and divided into three tiers based on their potential environmental risk. Tier 1 tenants are considered to have potential for significant environmental risk; Tier 2 tenants the potential for moderate environmental risk; while Tier 3 tenants are considered to have potential for minimal environmental risk. This categorisation is based on the nature of the activities undertaken by the tenants and / or their performance in managing their environmental risks in previous years.

The Airport Environment Strategy requires Tier 1 and Tier 2 tenants to prepare Environment Management Plans for their operations.

The Operational Environmental Management Plan guidance material (this Guide) has been developed by Sydney Metro Airports to assist you identify and manage the environmental risks (potential impacts) and legal obligations associated your business operations at Sydney Metro Airports.Groundbased noise management is detailed in the our Aircraft Engine Ground Running Guidelines.


Guidance Material - Operational Environmental Management Plan Example Operational Environmental Management Plan