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Environment Strategy

Bankstown Airport Environment Strategy Process

Bankstown Airport Environment Strategy

The purpose of the Airport Environment Strategy (AES) is to meet the Airport’s obligations under the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997. 

The AES identifies the Airport Lessee Company’s (ALC’s) objectives for environmental management of the Airport, sources of environmental impact associated with airport operations and outlines the environmental management strategies and actions that will be implemented at the Airport over the five years of the Strategy. It forms the central management tool that is used to ensure integrated management of ground-based activities at the Airport, in order to minimise the impacts of activities at the Airport on the environment of the Airport and its surroundings. 

Airport Environment Strategy Review

The AES is forms part of the Airport Master Plan and is reviewed at least every five years. Public consultation is undertaken in the course of the review.

Purpose of the Preliminary Draft Airport Master Plan

To assist with public consultation a preliminary document is prepared for issue during the consultation period. This preliminary document is the starting point in our consultation with the public and includes the AES. We review our environmental achievements against the previous AES and use these to inform our objectives for environmental management of the Airport over the next five years.

Preparation of the Draft Airport Master Plan

Following the public consultation period submissions received in response to the Preliminary Draft Airport Master Plan are considered and the document is amended as warranted in the light of the points that have been raised. 

The revised document then known as the Draft Airport Master Plan is lodged for consideration with the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Finalisation of the Airport Master Plan

The Minister has 50 working days to consider the Draft Airport Master Plan and may approve it or may ask for further information before approving it.

When the document is approved by the Minister it becomes known as the Airport Master Plan and is used to guide the management of environmental matters at the Airport over the course of the next five years.

Airport Environment Strategy 2014

The Airport Environment Strategy 2014 was approved by the Minister on 19 December 2014 as part of the Draft Master Plan approval.

To review the Airport Environment Strategy 2014




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