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Fly Friendly, Fly Neighbourly

Sydney Metro Airport Camden has released Fly Friendly procedures for the Camden community. The procedures were developed in consultation with our key stakeholders:
  • Regulators – Civil Aviation Safety Authority & Air Services Australia & The Department of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Airport users
  • Local residents
  • Local council
The Fly Friendly procedures have been endorsed by the Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group where members made a valuable contribution to the final document.

The Fly Friendly procedures are designed to give guidance to pilots on ways to reduce aircraft noise in the vicinity of Camden Airport.  The document outlines flying practices pilots should adopt to lessen the noise impact on the local community.

The Fly Friendly procedures are voluntary, however, flight safety takes precedent over the procedures.

Sydney Metro Airport Camden will work with all of our stakeholders to promote the Fly Friendly procedures to all operators and airport users.

Camden Fly Friendly