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Noise Issues

Airservices Australia is responsible for managing and controlling aircrafts when taxiing, taking off, in flight and landing.

Noise issues related to these activities at Bankstown Airport should be reported to Airservices Australia via the online form  or on its 24 hour number 1800 802 584.

Issues and complaints are monitored on a monthly basis to determine whether there are any particular trends or issues evident or whether any aircraft has operated outside its assigned tracks or altitude. If so, appropriate investigations are initiated and corrective action taken where applicable.

Further information about lodging complaints and queries is available on Airservices Australia website:

This website is an initiative of Airservices Australia and the Australian Airports Association and is supported by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman and aviation industry. This webiste has information on the causes and reporting of noise at airports and how the industry is working together to manage it. To find out more information please visit the site at


You may be interested in the Airservices flight tracking program - WebTrack.  WebTrak is a system providing the community with information on where and how high aircraft fly, as well as noise levels of these operations. It allows members of the public access to detailed information on aircraft operations around major airports, mostly aircraft from Sydney Airport, and some flights around Bankstown Airport.

Aviation Noise - A guide

Noise in general is a complex and subjective issue, and aircraft noise is no different. Many of the ways used to describe sound itself rely on complex terms such as non-linear metrics and is often not easily understood.  We have developed a guide to make Aviation Noise more easily understood. To read our Aviation Noise - see the guide below.

Noise Management Plan

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown has developed a plan to document the noise management initiatives that are currently being undertaken by and the future initiatives proposed in relation to planning and operations at Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

This document should be read in conjunction with the Sydney Metro Airport  ‘Bankstown Noise Management Plan Overview and Supporting Information’ document which explains how noise is generated, measured, depicted and managed generally within the aviation environment, and provides an overview of the noise environment and how it is managed at Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

Groundbased Noise Management

Groundbased noise management is detailed in the our Aircraft Engine Ground Running Guidelines.

Guide to Understanding Aviation Noise - 2017 Camden Airport Noise Management Plan - 2017