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Climate Change Handbook

Sydney Metro Airports have developed a handbook to help our tenants to manage their environmental footprint.

Increasingly, scientific evidence points towards the long term damage we may do to our lifestyle and quality of life by continuing with high resource use and high greenhouse gas emission. We believe that it is appropriate for us to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with human activity, particularly related to energy consumption.

We will work to assist all airport users and tenants to reduce their consumption of non-renewable resources including energy. The good news is that most measures taken to reduce energy consumption (and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions) will save you money in the long term, improve your productivity and contribute to a better quality of life for your children and their children.

The Greenhouse Challenge Plus Fact Sheets recommend a range of actions that small and medium sized businesses can adopt to reduce greenhouse emissions. Many of the recommended actions involve little or no cost.

The following suggestions are sourced primarily from these documents. If you would like further information on how to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions in your business you can refer to the Greenhouse Challenge Plus Fact sheets.

Climate Change Handbook for Tenants