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Changes to Camden ANEFs

1 June 2011

 A letter to Camden Residents,

I understand from Camden City Council that they have recently contacted you to advise that as a result of the approved 2010 Camden Airport Master Plan that your property now lies within the 20 -25 Australian Noise Exposure Forecast ( ANEF)contours and that you may have concerns as to what this may entail.

To assist property owners to better understand the processes followed in formulating ANEF contours, we have devised a series of Questions and Answers as set out below.

Why are ANEF required?
Camden Airport is leased from the Commonwealth Government and is subject to the ‘Airports Act 1996. A requirement of the Act is that a twenty (20) year Airport Master Plan must be produced and approved by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

The Airport Master Plan stays in force for five (5) years; a fresh Airport Master Plan is then required to ensure it reflects current legislation and regulations, airport operations and technology changes. The fresh Airport Master Plan must also include a new ANEF and must also be approved by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

The ANEF is then used as a tool to assist with land use planning and for the community to better understand the noise impacts associated with the twenty (20) year forecast.

What is an ANEF?
The ANEF is a model which produces a contour map showing forecast noise levels. The contour map is devised by entering the following inputs:·
  • Forecast movement activity twenty years (20) in advance
  • Mix of aircraft that can use the airport
  • Distribution of runway ends used
  • Distribution of Helicopter Landing Sites
  • Distribution between day and night operations
  • Airspace rules
  • Aircraft activity (landing / take-off/ circuit).
To interpret the land use planning implications for each of the ANEF zones, users should refer to the Australian Standard AS2021- 2000 Acoustic – Aircraft noise intrusion - Building siting and constructions. This document contains the acceptability land use for different ANEF zones.

It is important to note that the ANEF models the noise levels forecast for the year 2030 and does not represent the current activity levels.

How accurate is the ANEF?
ANEF modelling is based on the Federal Aviation Administration (United States aviation regulator) noise model programs. This model is widely used throughout the world.
The model is prepared to exacting standards by the airport operator and is then submitted to Airservices Australia who then certifies the model for technical accuracy. This is a mandated requirement and the Minister will not approve a Master Plan without prior certification by Airservices Australia.

When were the changes made?
The changes were initiated as part of the 2010 Airport Master Plan. The ANEF were contained in the Camden Airport Master Plan released for public consultation in September 2009. The public consultation process concluded in mid December 2009. The document was widely available.

The 2010 Airport Master Plan was then submitted to the Minister in March 2010 and approved in February 2011.

Can we get the ANEF changed?
Unless there has been a significant change to the assumptions contained in the current ANEF model the ANEF would normally be revised next in 2015 in preparation for the 2016 Airport Master Plan.

What changes will occur to the 2016 ANEF?
This will depend on the forecast activity in relation to actual activity levels, economic conditions advancement in aircraft noise technology and refinement of the modelling software. The ANEF contours may remain similar in this size and shape, grow in size and shape or potentially reduce in size and shape.
  • The need to have an ANEF is mandated by regulations that apply to all airports previously run by the Commonwealth Government.
  • The current Camden Airport ANEF is a forecast of noise for the year 2030 and should be used as a planning tool.
  • The ANEF is not a measure of current noise
  • The ANEF will next be revised in 2015

I trust that this information allows a better understanding of issues relating to the ANEF. Camden Airport Limited would encourage you to read the 2010 Airport Master Plan and in particular Part C, Aircraft Noise for more information. The document is available here.

Should you have further enquiries please contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Grove
Chief Executive Officer


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