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Constituent Helicopter Noise Concern

14 June 2011
The Hon Jason Clare MP
Minister for Defence Material
Member for Blaxland
PO Box 153
Bankstown NSW 1885
Dear Minister,

Constituent Helicopter Noise Concern

Following our meeting on 03 June 2011, I asked our GM Aviation to assess the helicopter noise concern you raised on behalf of a constituent who resides in Rex Road, Georges Hall.

On investigation it has been established that the constituent’s residence is located underneath one of the three dedicated helicopter corridors facilitating flight entry / exit to and from Bankstown Airport.

As such it is likely that in the main aircraft traversing in the vicinity of that residence are either ascending or descending to and from the required flight level mandated for separation standards as opposed to carrying out circuit training.

We have also established that the constituent’s residence lies within the N60 Contour for Bankstown Airport and that forecasts noise levels exceeding 60 decibels may be experienced however the level of noise emitted by helicopters overhead is dependent on several factors, the critical inputs being the size of aircraft, height above ground level and weather conditions.

Should however the constituent believe that the aircraft are flying too low and pose a safety concern, Bankstown Airport Limited would recommend that the constituent contact the Civil Aviation Safety Authority directly on 131 757 as they are the regulator responsible for all matters relating to aviation safety including helicopter activity.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the matter further.
Yours sincerely, 

Colin Grove
Chief Executive Officer



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