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Letter to Camden Advertiser regarding consultation perception

23 May 2011

Ms Michelle Burrell

Camden Advertiser
142 Argyle Street
Camden NSW 2570
Dear Ms Burrell,

It is disappointing to the read the comments by the Councilors alleging the Airport rides roughshod over the local community and the Council, when the opposite is the case.


Camden Airport welcomed the submission by Camden Council to the Preliminary Draft Master Plan. The types of permissible land uses on airport land is guided by the Airports Act 1996 and Camden Airport through its Master Plan determines particular land use zones.  


Camden Airport revised land use types in the Draft Master Plan. Importantly, the types of developments allowed have not significantly changed since the 2005 Master Plan. While child-care facilities (servicing the aviation sector on the Airport) and motels are allowed, aged-care nursing homes and residential dwellings are not allowed on the Airport.


The Airport is strictly regulated by the Airports Act 1996 and the Department of Transport’s Airport Building Controller. The Airports Act 1996 places heavy restrictions on Airport development activities. The Airport is required to take notice of the Airports Act 1996 and we must adhere to the details of our Master Plan.


The Airport continues to work with and listen to Camden Council through a range of forums. Cr Lara Symkowiak is a member of the Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group, along with Camden Council’s Team Leader for Land Use and Planning, Mr Chris Lalor. This Consultation Group provides an excellent opportunity for the Council to be more involved with the ongoing operations of Camden Airport than ever before. 


Camden Council will also have membership to the Planning Coordination Forum which is another vehicle to improve planning coordination between airports and all levels of government.


For the benefit of your readers I must reiterate at this time there is no demand for additional development at Camden Airport.

Yours sincerely,
Colin Grove

Chief Executive Officer
Sydney Metro Airport Camden



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