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Letter to Jason Clare 24 March 2010

24 March 2010
Jason Clare MP
Member for Blaxland
PO Box 153
Bankstown, NSW 1885

Dear Jason,

Constituency Statements, House of Representative, 15 March 2010

I read in Hansard for Monday 15 March your Constituency Statement for Blaxland regarding Bankstown Airport.

I was pleased to see your reference to Bankstown Airport in Parliament, particularly given its critical role in providing employment for Western Sydney and its significant contribution to the Bankstown economy. We were of course, like you, disappointed in Boeing’s announcement that they would be vacating their facility on Bankstown Airport. The good news is that they will not be leaving the site until the beginning of 2013 and that their departure provides an outstanding opportunity for the redevelopment of this important 12.9 hectare site for industrial commercial and aviation purposes.

The potential to redevelop the Boeing site re-enforces the basic strategy adopted in the Bankstown Airport Draft Master Plan 2010 - 2030 to support business growth, diversify activity and improve employment in Western Sydney.

An important element of this growth strategy in the Draft Master Plan is aviation business growth, including training, freight and niche passenger operations. These activities will deliver employment growth, not just to replace Boeing but to provide additional skilled jobs for Bankstown and Western Sydney. To this end I would like to make sure that you have accurate facts regarding the impact of niche passenger services at Bankstown Airport.

Fact – niche passenger aircraft will seat between 35 and 78 passengers

Our Draft Master Plan forecasts a blend of 35, 50 and 78 seat aircraft, filled to 60% of their capacity, not the 80 seats referred to in your Statement. This is a realistic forecast based on industry practice.

Fact – the impact will only be one aircraft event per hour

Our forecasts for passenger operations has been based on activities between 6am and 10pm, which falls well within the Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport operating hours and is a normal business traveller cycle. This is a 16 hour operational day which equates to an aircraft landing or taking off on average every 30 minutes. This means that householders near the Airport would only have either an arrival or departure event per hour, not the movement every 20 minutes referred to in your Statement.

Fact – niche passengers services will generate only 1,021 passengers per day

The Bankstown Airport Draft Master Plan forecasts a maximum of 372,736 passengers per annum or 1021 passengers per day, not the 2,500 passenger per day quoted in your Statement.

One of the most important steps you could take to support your electorate and Western Sydney in your role as both a local Member of Parliament and as Parliamentary Secretary for Employment would be to seek Federal funding for the upgrade of the surrounding road network, particularly Henry Lawson Drive. Regardless of the small daily growth in forecast airport activity, this critical arterial road is already well below any minimum standard and is an impediment to regional growth.

Fact – Bankstown will not be Sydney’s second airport

Both the Preliminary Draft Master Plan and Draft Master Plan under consideration by the Minister clearly and repeatedly state that Bankstown Airport will not, nor is it capable of becoming, Sydney’s second airport.

As always, my staff and I are available to you 24 hours a day to provide accurate information on the Airport, its operations and its community engagement. We are genuinely committed to transparent and regular communications with the community and seek your ongoing support and regular communications with the Airport.

As a result of the community submissions received during the Master Plan consultation period we have made a number of important changes in the Draft Master Plan. I will shortly provide you with a separate report detailing these community generated changes.

Kim Ellis
Chief Executive Officer



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