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Letter to Jason Clare MP 19 August 2010

19 August 2010
Jason Clare MP
Member for Blaxland
PO Box 153
Bankstown NSW 1885
Dear Mr Clare,

Constituent Concern - Helicopter Noise

Thank you for your recent letter advising of constituent concern with the levels of helicopter activity at Bankstown Airport.

Currently helicopter activity accounts for approximately 10% of the overall General Aviation sector and remains a buoyant part of all aviation activity on Bankstown Airport.

In 2009 the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in conjunction with Bankstown Airport Limited reviewed the flight patterns in relation to overflying Georges Hall and instigated some changes to flight operations which place helicopters at a higher altitude over Georges Hall. This initiative coupled with newer and quieter helicopters used by the NSW Ambulance Rescue Service has seen a sustained drop in helicopter noise complaints over the last 12 months based on the Airservice Noise Complaint Unit data.

Notwithstanding the above, any person who has a concern about aircraft noise can register their concerns by contacting the Airservice Noise Complaint Unit on 1800 802 584.
I may also use this opportunity to respond to concerns raised in a recent article in the Canterbury - Bankstown Express attributed to you, concerning expansion of passenger aircraft, curfew and related vehicular traffic levels.

Currently Bankstown Airport does not have passenger service operations; however our Draft Master Plan forecasts passenger services making up no more than 2.5% of all forecast activity. There is no intention to fly passenger services overnight although the airport will maintain its 24hour status to facilitate the emergency services and freight activity.

Finally in regards to the concern that passenger activity may negatively impact the local road, it should be noted that the traffic generated by passenger services has been included in the ground transport Paramics Model also contained in the Draft Master Plan.
Yours sincerely,

Colin Grove
Chief Executive Officer


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