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Letter to The Editor, Bankstown Torch 31 May 2010


Mark Kirkland
The Bankstown Torch
PO Box 113
Facsimile: 9795 0096
Dear Mark
Native trees, birds and Bankstown Airport

Residents of Bankstown City Council may be interested to learn, in light of the letter on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 bemoaning the continuing loss of trees within the local area, that Bankstown Airport has steadily been planting native trees and shrubs at the airport. Over recent years we’ve planted more than 25,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses endemic to the local area. And this process continues. 

We have specified that all new developments should be landscaped using local native species wherever possible. We also require that trees which have to be removed are replaced in the same way. We think it makes sense to use local species - they have adapted to the local soil conditions so they tend to grow more easily; they are generally more drought resistant than non-natives and they seem to need less maintenance once established.   Best of all they provide habitat for local native fauna including birds and reptiles. And if you’ve heard the ‘myth-conception’ that birds and airports don’t mix, think again. Certain birds and aircraft don’t mix, but these tend to be larger birds such as gulls, ibis, ravens and pigeons which aren’t attracted to the local native vegetation. The type of native birds that are attracted to native trees and shrubs tend to be smaller and live within the tree canopy – We’re very happy to live with those birds on our airport.
Kim Ellis
Chief Executive Officer




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