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Letter to the Editor - Bankstown Torch May 2011

20 May 2011
Mr Mark Kirkland
The Bankstown Torch
PO Box 113,
Bankstown NSW 1885
Dear Mr Kirkland,

It is disappointing to continue to read the publication of the unqualified missives from Mr Hillman about aviation planning for the Sydney Basin. His suggestion to relocate the heliport to Rydlamere is unrealistic and lacks credibility.

In regards to the recent incident at Bankstown Airport the responsiveness of the emergency services and our own Airport staff was as per the emergency procedures and achieved a good outcome for the pilot. No doubt the ATSB report into the incident will establish what may have caused the event.
We would like to remind your readers that Bankstown Airport supplies essential infrastructure for the economic good of the region, state and nation. Sydney Metro Airports is proud of its assets and remains an essential part of the fabric that is Bankstown.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Grove
Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown