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Airports Are Clean Sites - Dumper Fined $104,000 plus costs of $31,000

25 June 2010

On 23 June 2010 the Land and Environment Court found an illegal dumper guilty of dumping waste on Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown and was ordered by the Court to pay more than $135,000.

Commenting on the matter CEO Mr Colin Grove said “The Airport spends considerable resources to keep our airports clean for environmental and safety reasons.   We have an environment team and a dedicated grounds maintenance team to oversee this important task. We also work closely with airport users, local state and Australian authorities.

“We commend the majority of airport users are responsible people who respect and actively support the high environmental and safety standards that exist on our airports. 

“Doing the wrong thing on our airports is a very difficult thing to get away with unobserved - as the illegal dumper has found out.   For a start, the many people who come to the airport for work and business each day are watching and we have several surveillance cameras in place across the Airport constantly recording. Airport users want a safe, secure airport and are the first line of support to ensure we keep a clean airport.

In 2009 an Airport tenant employee witnessed the selfish act of the illegal dumping of contaminated waste on Airport land near the roundabout at Nancy Ellis Leebold Drive. The witness collected the registration details of the vehicle and reported the incident.

We worked closely with the Western Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad and using vehicle registration details and descriptions the RID Squad were able to identify the dumper. As well as being required to clean up the site, the dumper is facing additional prosecution for breach of environmental legislation.

Dumping illegal waste creates serious problems for the aviation community and airport users. Waste may attract birds from off airport and create aircraft safety issues and foreign object debris on runways and taxiways are potential hazards.   Occupational Health and Safety risks also arise from dumped building waste.

“We encourage anyone who witnesses any dumping on the Airport to take note of the vehicle registration details and report it to the Airport Environment Team on 8709 9409. For all dumping off the Airport, the Western Sydney RID Squad can be contacted directly on 4732 7446.

“Dumping has become a major problem for the community and clean-up costs are astronomical. We ask the community to please help keep our airports clean,” concluded Colin Grove.


Media Information: Meredith Laverty 0414-523-060

Editors Note:

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown works closely with the Western Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping to ensure a regional approach to illegal dumping. From 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008 the Western Sydney RID Squad investigated 2,175 illegal dumping incidents involving 4,843 tonnes of waste.



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