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Bankstown Airport Tenant BAC Devco Administration

3 June 2010

Bankstown Airport Limited (BAL) today confirmed that there will be no impact on the operations of Bankstown Airport as a result of Korda Mentha’s appointment as administrator to BAC Devco - a sub-tenant of Bankstown Airport.

It is business as usual at Bankstown Airport, BAL Deputy CEO Paul Ferguson said.

Mr Ferguson said that there is no direct relationship between the sub-lessee BAC Devco and the management and operation of BAL. Bankstown Airport tenants, employees and the community could be assured that that the safe and efficient operation of Bankstown Airport will continue unabated.

BAC Devco is one of 190 tenants at Bankstown Airport and its position does not impact the daily operations of BAL in operating the Airport. 

BAL is looking forward to ongoing improvements to aviation infrastructure and the creation of jobs at new retail and industrial zones.

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Meredith Laverty  0414 523 060


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