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Tower Road Closure 2010

18 March 2010

During 2009, the significant traffic levels on Tower Road and the sustained wet weather accelerated the deterioration on this internal, private Airport road. The road was increasingly being used by the public as an alternate route to the congestion on Henry Lawson Drive particularly for heavy vehicles, including B-Doubles.  Because the road is a low grade secondary road, rated only for vehicles up to 4 tonnes, it was not able to sustain this volume or type of traffic.

At the end of 2009, Bankstown Airport Limited closed Tower Road for a more detailed investigation and analysis. 

This investigation was completed this week and revealed the extent of the subgrade damage to the road from the Henry Lawson Drive intersection through to Marion Street. The road has extensive failures and because of the poor standard of original construction in the 1960’s, a program of spot repairs has been ruled out. 

To keep this road open and operating to a reasonable, safe standard would require a full reconstruction.    Our preliminary estimates for the basic construction, without kerbing and guttering, is $6.8million.

 Bankstown Airport Limited cannot justify this level of expenditure for an internal road designed to service our customers and airport users. If this work were undertaken the cost would have to be recovered from the existing tenants, which would be an unreasonable requirement given that the majority of traffic using the road was from non-airport user vehicles.

An option is to seek funding from State and Local governments to supplement the costs of rebuilding this road, particularly given that the vast majority of traffic has been non-airport user vehicles. Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown currently pays over $500,000 per year in ex gratia Council rates. We will approach Bankstown City Council to determine the likelihood of their contribution to road construction and we will also approach the NSW State Government to seek a funding contribution. 

In the absence of Local or State Government funding, Bankstown Airport Limited has little alternative but to leave Tower Road as an access road to airport users on the northern or southern end of the Airport with a connecting pedestrian and cycle way.


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