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Tower Road Reopens on a Trial Basis

“Following representations from both Airport operators and the community, we have devoted significant Airport investment funds to repair Tower Road and re-instate public access to the Road on a 3 month trial basis" said Colin Grove, CEO Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

The use of the road will be weight restricted to minimize damage by heavy vehicles. The road is expected to be open by the middle of next week (approximately 24 November 2010) with two way traffic.

"The Airport has spent considerable money to re-open the road which is mostly used by non airport traffic,” advised Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown CEO Colin Grove “We are disappointed that Bankstown City Council did not assist with a financial contribution”.

“We will be closely monitoring and enforcing weight limits, over the 3 month trial period, to ensure it is operated in a safe manner,” added Mr Grove.

“We will place appropriate signage along the road advising motorists that it is subject to weight limits,” concluded Mr Grove.

Media Information: Meredith Laverty 0414-523-060

Public Response

On behalf of our members on Bankstown Airport and their clients, congratulations and thank you for re-opening Tower Rd.

Many have complained of the financial negative costst that the closing had on their businesses.

With budgetory pressures at a high, we believe this will be a positive for our members.

I have already had members contact me stating that the road is open once again.
Once again, congratulations.

Ken R Cannane

Executive Director


Dear Colin – much jubilation going on due the road opening today.

Thanks for doing that – Very positive response – people and businesses are very happy.

Thank you for opening the road.

Hi Colin,

You obviously don't know me, but my company helps dozens of businesses on and around Bankstown Airport by providing internet and IT services and support.

Since the closure of Tower Road, our business has been impacted significantly when travelling between the northern, western and southern fringes of the airport. In simple terms, what has recently been up to a 40 minute trip in traffic between say, Roden Security in Stinson Crescent and Clamback and Hennessy on Tower Road costs us over $77 in lost time driving via either Henry Lawson Drive or Edgar Street. The equivalent trip down Tower Road should only cost roughly $11 (which is covered in our service fee). This figure does not include wages, fuel and other costs.

It was great to hear today that Tower Road has been re-opened. I'm sure that there will be many people in a similar position to me who will welcome this decision and thank you.

Between BAL's involvement with the re-leasing of Aerospace Aviation's former premises and stalled negotiations during their Administration earlier this year, as well as the Clamback and Hennessy case amongst others we notice a direct negative knock-on effect which may not be immediately obvious or even a consideration to decision makers in your organisation. It has been a difficult 12 months at Bankstown Airport and good decisions like the one to open Tower Road will contribute to easing things in the near future.

While we are not located as lease-payers on the airport, it is a vital location for our business.   Certainly sensible decisions like that of re-opening tower road will contribute toward making our techs' work days just that little easier.

I thank you wholeheartedly for this latest decision and wish you all the best.

Dear Mr. Grove,

I would like to let you know how happy I am that Tower Road has been reopened. This will make it so much easier to be able to get to the other side of the airport, instead of having to travel the long way round. It will save time and fuel.

It should also make it better for the businesses around the airport in that customers will be able to get to them easier.

Thank you very much.


Dear Colin,
I am writing to thank you regarding the re-opening of Tower Rd from today which will certainly assist our business after a significant downturn since closure.

I would strongly urge you to keep this road open permanently.

Scott Edmonds

Mr. Grove,
Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for the re-opening of Tower Road.
As a aircraft owner on the southern side of the airport, it brings far greater convenience with access to the northern side businesses and facilities.

Many of us would really appreciate permanent access in order to return the airport to a single community and allow aviation businesses that support us on both sides the opportunity to prosper.

Many pilots and aviation businesses acknowledge the positive direction of BAL under your recent direction.

I wish more people had a commercial appreciation for aviation because “the runway (airport) is the most important main street in any town”.
Best regards,
Hello Colin,

The re-opening of Tower Road is a major step forward.

 Bankstown Airport tennants and their customers will be pleased that you have made this decision.
Many thanks
David Bell

Executive Director, Australian Business Aircraft Association Inc.


Just a quick note to thank you for re opening Tower road, it saves me a lot of time grtting to the southern side.

 Lisa J

Dear Mr. Grove,

I am a pilot and long-term user of your airport.   I have heard that the access road from marion st has been re-opened. Thank you for doing that.

Time was when Bankstown was vibrant, busy, and an airport we flyers, owners and operators were all proud to belong to.    It would be beneficial to all to see the airport humming with activity on land side and on the air side all with aviation related activity.

Congratulations, too on your weekend 'free' offer to pilots. I hope that is a step that will encourage use and attendance at the airport. It is very encouraging indeed.

Yours truly,

Spencer F


Hi Colin,

 I'm a private pilot and airport user (and also SAAA and AOPA member). I just heard that Tower Road is to be reopened. All I can say is ... finally!!! (and ... thankyou!)

I look forward to getting out there again over the holiday period for a few flights. I also want to congratulate you on the free fly-in weekends and BBQ initiative (which has not gone un-noted and has received a positive reception on various SAAA and similar email discussion lists!). It's a small step towards restoring some trust and rebuilding the relationship, and I encourage you to continue it.

Thanks for taking this step. We will watch in earnest to see if the temporary re-opening will become "permanent"!

Kind regards,


Dear Colin,
Thank you so much for taking the initiative and re-opening Tower Road. It will make it much easier for us, both to get to Clamback's where we usually fly, and also to get to the northern side of the field if we need to buy more charts and so on.

Great news,

Alison & Kevin D

Dear Mr Grove,

As a  user of Bankstown Airport, I congratulate you on re-opening Tower Road !!
 …. Otherwise, the user improvements you have brought to the airport are very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Greg R


 Good on you Colin!! Opening Tower Road is a real positive step forward for the airport. Thank you.

Peter Flanagan

Business Development Manager (Director)

Pacific Avionics


Hi Colin,

I'm not on the airport this week but I have just been told that Tower Road re-opened today.

Thanks so much for this as it will make a HUGE difference to operators on the airport and will give a significant boost to the businesses on the south side. 

Thanks again. Have a great weekend - you've put a smile on a lot of people's faces.


Darrin Ward.

SOS Airports.


 Morning Colin,

Just learnt that you have reunited Bankstown Airport by reopening the western arterial road.  This will relieve much frustration and hopefully restore lost trade to business particularly on the southern side. Well done and please keep it open.

Rod Mc


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