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Airport Talks with Frank Gardner Foundation for Future Facility

21 July 2011

Sydney Metro Airport Camden today announced it is in preliminary discussions with the Frank Gardner Foundation to explore the possible opening of a driver training and education facility at the Airport.

“Camden Airport Limited Management has recently held preliminary and conceptual discussions with the Frank Gardner Foundation with a view to the Foundation operating a driver training and education facility at Camden Airport,” said Mr Colin Grove, CEO, Sydney Metro Airport Camden.

“While the discussions are certainly in their infancy, the possible site for the facility is on the southern side of the Airport, near the glider parking facilities. There are many steps to be undertaken in the planning process – from traffic management, site specific development details through to the funding of the Centre. At this stage a development application has not been submitted.

“Airport management will be discussing the Frank Gardner Foundation and their proposed concept with the interim Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group to gauge community sentiment.

The Frank Gardner facility is proposed to honour the motorsport legend, Frank Gardner OAM, who after retiring from competition became a passionate advocated of driver safety and driver education. The facility hopes to offer pre-licence and continuing driving training courses drawing on the established principles founded by Frank Gardner, OAM, and illustrated in his bestselling book “Drive to Survive”. 

“The proponents have indicated to us the facility would complement the Camden Council 2040 vision and the focus on sustainable growth, while being respectful of the natural beauty and rural nature of the area,” outlined Mr Grove.  

“There are many processes which have to be undertaken before formal approvals are given and we hope the public is able give initial feedback on the concept to the Foundation,” concluded Mr Grove.

The Frank Gardner Foundation is taking submissions from interested member of the public via the Frank Gardner website at


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