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Local Airspace Safety Tree Program Continues

11 February 2011

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown advises the ongoing safety program of managing the Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS), which affects the space needed for aircraft to safely take-off and land at Bankstown, is continuing with new works to manage vegetation growth in the Georges Hall and surrounding area.

“Following on from the 2010 survey of Obstacle Limitation Surface, taking into account the departure requirements of all aircraft operating at our Airport, as part of our obligations under the Protection of Airspace Regulations, a number of trees in the area to the west of the Airport will be pruned or as a last resort removed, depending on the health of the tree,” said Mr Colin Grove, CEO, Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

“There are two large trees on Henry Lawson Drive which require immediate attention.  We are seeking approvals to have these works carried out in conjunction with the current night road works, so the road does not need additional closure.

“The survey indicates there are trees on Airport land which require pruning, as well as some on Bankstown City Council land and the remaining trees are on private property in the Georges Hall area.

“We are working with local residents and the Environment team at Bankstown City Council to finalise approvals and a works program.

“These works are vitally important to the safe operation of aircraft taking off and landing at Bankstown.  The Airport must do this work or the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces would be incorrect, creating unsafe areas around the Airport.  Residents to the north of the Airport were affected this week by power outages which were caused by falling tree branches.  This reinforces the need for regular maintenance including control of vegetation so to maintain ongoing operation of all critical local infrastructure,” concluded Mr Grove.


Media information: Meredith Laverty 0414-523-060



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