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Sydney Metro Airport Camden Balances Noise Concerns with Operations

11 May 2011

Sydney Metro Airport Camden today announced the implementation of changes to circuit training times for all types of aircraft.

“Our noise abatement procedures will change from Monday 16 May 2011, delaying the starting time for circuit flights from 6.15am to 7am whilst brining forward the finishing time for circuits flights from 11pm to 10pm Monday to Friday. During the daylight saving period the finishing time has been reduced from 11pm to 10.30pm.  For weekends the starting times will change from 6.15am to 7am and the current finishing time of 8pm remains,” said Mr Colin Grove, CEO, Sydney Metro Airports.

“We consider this is a balanced measure in response to community concerns with aircraft noise. This change is strong evidence of our willingness to both listen and act upon community concerns, whilst still maintaining the Airport’s operational and commercial requirements.

“As an outcome of consultation from our Master Plan process, the Airport has implemented a number of changes to aircraft operations to improve the conditions for the surrounding community. The measures have been delivered in consultation with the local aviation industry”.

“This initiative follows on from the recent formation of the Camden Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group which held a productive discussion on the community’s concerns regarding aircraft noise. The Group also provided an excellent opportunity to inform the community about the operational, commercial and regulatory issues facing the Airport and our tenants.  

“The Airport remains genuinely committed to striking a balance between the local community needs and airport operations,” concluded Mr Grove.


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