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Sydney Metro Airport Heralds G.A Initiative a Success

22 March 2011

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown has today announced that its recent Fly Free Weekends initiative was a success, as it showed an increase in movements of 4.3% from the previous quarter weekend data.

“The recent trends in the General Aviation activity have been depressed with traffic falling 20% in 2010 compared to the previous year.  As airport businesses across the board have experienced a decline in activity, we decided to trial some initiatives to boost traffic and stimulate the flow-on effect to aviation businesses across the Airport,” said Colin Grove, CEO Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

“We are keen to promote the Airport and its excellent facilities, as well as support the general aviation industry and decided to initiate   a promotion that  was bold and would attract attention. 

“The initiative was open to aircraft under 2,500kgs flying in and out of Bankstown on the weekends from November 2010 to January 2011 inclusive”.

“Considerable revenue was foregone during the promotion,  and during this period we generated 1,650 invoices with nil charges and  we were  pleased  that 20% of aircraft that flew  were not normally  hangared at  Bankstown Airport.”

The program received extensive media coverage with trade magazines nationally and internationally as well discussion on blogs. The promotion was also keenly observed within the airports industry.

“We are confident aviation suppliers, including fuel and maintenance operators, benefitted from the promotion’.

“We received many compliments from flyers, along with requests to continue the program. While we are commercially unable to continue this initiative, we believe we were able to showcase the excellent facilities and flying conditions at Bankstown Airport and we hope all pilots are enticed to return” concluded Mr Grove.


Media Information: Meredith Laverty 0414-523-060



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