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Fly Free Summer Weekends Again at Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown

29 October 2014

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is again inviting all recreational flyers to experience ‘fly free weekends’ in and out of Bankstown Airport from 1 December 2014 to 28 February 2015.

“We are re-introducing the ‘Fly Free Weekends’ incentive to attract more recreational flyers to fly in and out of Bankstown Airport,” said Colin Grove, CEO, Sydney Metro Airports Bankstown and Camden.

“We hope to increase the aviation traffic we attracted on the promotion on previous years. While the Airport foregoes considerable revenue with this promotion in aeronautical charges, we consider it is an important initiative to support the associated aeronautical operators on the Airport.

During the summer months there will be no aeronautical charges for fixed wing aircraft below 2,500 kilograms MTOW that actually fly in and out of Bankstown Airport on weekends. We have applied minor conditions to the incentive which include the following:

  • Only available to fixed wing aircraft below 2500 Kgs MTOW
  • Only applies to aircraft that fly on Saturdays and Sundays
  • The promotion is not applicable to aircraft that are on an existing pre-paid scheme.

In releasing details of the promotion Colin Grove stated “This is once again a great opportunity to showcase the first-class aviation facilities we have at Bankstown Airport from aircraft facilities, aircraft refuelling, maintenance and avionics providers, through to aviation supplies stores.

“Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is a great place to fly. We encourage all recreational flyers from across New South Wales and further afield to experience the premier flying conditions at Bankstown”.

For more information on the Fly Free Weekends, please visit our website and sign-up to receive Aero Updates.



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