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Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown Offers New Aircraft 50% Parking Discount

29 October 2014

Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown is offering a 50% discount to new aircraft choosing to make Bankstown Airport its home base. 

“As part of a program to support new general aviation operators we are offering an incentive to encourage aircraft owners to consider Bankstown Airport as a permanent base for their aircraft. We are offering a two year 50% discount on aircraft charges to all new aircraft that permanently base themselves on Bankstown Airport between 1 December 2014 and 28 February 2015,” said Colin Grove, CEO, Sydney Metro Airports Bankstown and Camden.

The following provisions will apply:

  • Applies only to aircraft below 10,000 Kgs MTOW
  • The taking up of the offer must be between 1 December 2014 and 28 February 2015.
  • Maximum discount of two (2) years from commencement
  • Payment must be made in full and in advance each year
  • Non transferable
  • Non refundable
  • Current aircraft based on Bankstown Airport are not eligible
  • Bankstown Airport Conditions of Use apply
  • Registered operators are liable for aeronautical charges

“We encourage any aircraft owners who have been considering the move to a metropolitan base to consider the financial rewards of our parking discount, as well as the myriad of associated benefits which come from being based at Bankstown Airport, such as access to leading maintenance and avionics companies, training schools, refuelling and assorted aircraft suppliers.

“This parking discount is an excellent opportunity for operators to derive operational savings.

“We are serious about supporting the general aviation industry. This initiative is part of a dedicated campaign to market the benefits of the Airport and aims to support general aviation operators through flow-on economic activity,” said Colin Grove.

For more information on the parking discount initiative, please visit our website.



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