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Airport Lessee Company (ALC) Consent to a Building Activity Application

For information on an Airport Lessee Company (“ALC”) Consent to a Building Activity application at Sydney Metro Airports Camden the Airport Lessee Company Consent Guide for Applicants   provides the step by step guide to the ALC Consent process for Camden Airport Limited ("CAL").

A Building Activity application is required to be lodged with the Airport Building Controller (ABC) – refer to this section below.

The applicant must also provide to CAL a copy of their application, along with the supporting proposal documents as well as the completed ALC Consent Forms 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 which are available below. 

The proposal and covering forms for ALC consent should be lodged at

Bankstown Airport Management Centre,
3 Avro Street, Bankstown Airport.

Building Activity Application to the Airport Building Controller (ABC)

Building Activity Applications are required by the Airport Building Controller (ABC) for any building/construction works, earthworks, demolition works, civil works, services works or change of building use (classification) on the Airport.
The ABC contacts are:

Steve Glanville                                               Trevor Dartnell
(02) 8344 3114                                                  (02) 8344 3113           

Complete the relevant Application from the Building Activity Application Forms available below:
  • Application for Building Permit (for construction of any building or structure)
  • Application for Works Permit (for earthworks, civil works, electrical works or hydraulic works)
  • Application for Demolition Authorisation (for demolition of existing structures)
  • Application for Certificate of Compliance Occupancy/Use (for change of building classification, no building works

Where it is proposed to change the building classification but there are no building works, you should contact the ABC to determine the relevant approval requirements.

ABC Building Application Forms & Fees

CAL Airport Lessee Company Consent Forms                                                                                          

Form 1 of 3 - Airport Lessee Company Consent Lodgement ChecklistForm 2 of 3 - Airport Lessee Company Consent ApplicationForm 3 of 3 - Assessment Of Environmental Effects
Airport Lessee Company Consent Fees
Further Information

Airport Lesse Company Consent  Consultation Policy Urban Design Guidelines 2016Contractors Safety, Appropriate Conduct & Environment  Construction Environment Management Plan Guidance Material